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RGT FJ Desert Fox 1/10 Scale 4WD Off-Road Crawler RTR


With a detailed scale body, all-new "reverse-drive system" and 313mm wheelbase chassis, the Desert Fox is an instant contender right up there with the other top trucks in a very competitive crawler market. It will be available as a ready-to-run truck to the public.

Following the released all-terrain “Pioneer” (EX86110), RGT will launch the “Desert Fox” in Januray 2021. Desert Fox (EX86120) is an all-terrain, high-performance off-road crawler with lots of new features.

Based on the Pioneer platform, the Desert Fox has a new redesigned reverse-drive drivetrain, improved overall weight distribution, and upgraded steering capability. The drivetrain uses a split transmission system, with the battery mounted at the frontend, and comes with an all-metal suspension system. It features a 45° steering angle with positive Ackerman design, molded steel chassis rails, solid steel links, full ball-bearings, metal slipper gear, high-precise steel CVA transmission, beadlock wheels and four sets of functional LED light.

This ready-to-run vehicle is configured with a large 550 sized 17T super torque motor, the Hobbywing WP-1060 ESC for crawlers which supports LiPO mode, 15KG waterproof servo with all-metal gear, 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH battery pack, and a special 4-channel radio with integrated light set controlling function.

The Desert Fox follows the FJ Cruiser classic style. The bodyshell uses environment-friendly paint in PC softshell material, and has three colors as an option (gray, blue and orange).  The body has many accessories - spare tire, roof rack, rack lamp, sidesteps, front grill, LED cornering lamp, headlight with angel eyes, rear-view mirrors, wipers, handles, ax and shovel. It also has simulated front and rear bumpers and stealth hidden front body posts, making the overall appearance superb!


Split Transfer Structure:

The motor and the gearbox mounted in the front increases the weight of the front of the car, improving the climbing traction, which effectively enhances the climbing angle. The central transfer case reduces the bevel angle between the central driveshaft and the gears in the case for better power transfer. The central transfer case prevents issues from sudden stops that might affect climbing performance.


Reverse Drive System

The Central Transfer Case has a reverse gear set, the front and rear driveshaft connected to the gearbox rotates in opposite directions. The front driveshaft rotates clockwise, while the rear driveshaft rotates anticlockwise. The reverse drive design reduces the axle effect during operation for a more balanced performance including foot-liftings and rollovers.



    • Front motor and reduction gear unit
    • 4WD reverse drive system with slipper and central transfer system
    • Metal transmission gears
    • Front and rear integrated molded axle housing with metal pumpkin
    • 45-degree steering angle with panhard bar and positive Ackerman angle.
    • High-precision steel CVA driveshaft
    • Adjustable oil-filled metal tube shocks
    • Hobbywing 60A ESC, standard configured with metal servo gear and metal servo horn
    • 15-kg waterproof metal gear servo
    • Factory-fitted 4-channel transmitter with 4 LED functional lights
    • 2mm thick PC painted bodyshell with accessories
    • Stealth body posts
    • Lightweight beadlock wheels
    • Full ball bearings



    • Size:
        • Height: 252mm (9.82in)
        • Length: 550mm (21.45in)
        • Width: 245mm (9.55in)
    • Wheelbase: 313mm (12.2in)
    • Ground Clearance: 72mm (2.8in)
    • Gear Ratio: 54:1
    • Wheel Size: 1.9" (120x45mm / 4.68x1.75")
    • Weight: 3.05kg
    • Motor: 550 17T Brushed
    • Servo: Metal Gear Torque 15kg
    • ESC: Hobbywing 1060 Waterproof
    • Transmitter: 2.4GHz
    • Battery: NiMh 2000mAh 7.2v

















































































ByJason Tsang

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