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Beat Your Slash With Insane Brand Upgrades


The Traxxas Slash we have here is built with upgrades mainly from RPM, Killerbody, MIP and LouiseRC. For many Traxxas Slash fans, they might all have used a great number of plastic mold upgrades from RPM. Parts like the front bumper and front skid plate from RPM are just the icing on the cake that is this beastly Slash. They are high quality parts and survived unscathed after fierce bashing, jumping and a heavy landings. Also used in the model are RPM front & rear A-arms and rear bumpers. It would be fair to say that this brand has become a dominant player in providing a great number of items for this model.

Tires may all look similar, but actually different tread compounds and patterns really make a difference. They can affect overall vehicle performance and safety differently. Also, the traction capability is also a key component of tire safety, especially when encountering rugged terrains. In the video, we used LouiseRC tires on the Traxxas Slash, which is a brand focused on producing short-course truck and buggy tires with high durability. We drove the Slash for a whole day in weird conditions, and the tires performance is excellent. This makes the LouiseRC tires specially a good choice for you when you play for bashing in rough or wet terrain.

The awesome bodyshell is from Killerbody. Killerbody focuses on both appearance and quality for all their products. They will not easily crack or shatter.

Also, if you are looking for some top level driveshafts, definitely take your time for the driveshafts from MIP! We highly recommend it because the driveshaft with high durability works well in minimizing vibration of inner wheels while driving at high steering angles. It improves cornering speed and precision, and the truck’s stability as well.

Interested? Check out the video below to see the sick action and performance of the Slash. Also, you can find a wide variety of its excellent upgrades in our store!


ByKatrina Gao

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