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GPM Hardened Steel Main Drive Shafts For Axial Yeti

Check out GPM's new #45 Hardened Steel Main Drive Shafts for the Axial Yeti!

These hardened steel main drive shafts are made in a thick and durable aluminum. Created with an adjustable design in mind, you can alter the length to better suit your personal Yeti's preferences. The minimum length from eye to eye is 135mm, and the maximum length you can extend to is 162mm. The unit comes with two screws to fit the drive shaft onto your Yeti. This part was made with the Yeti specifically in mind. If you're looking to up your Yeti's game, this is the part to get.

Click the Shop Now button below to find the hardened steel main drive shafts! If you're looking for more Axial Yeti parts, click on this link here.

ByChristopher Chu

Tags :Axial, Yeti, GPM Racing, Aluminum


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