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List Of Upgrade Parts For Boom Racing BRX01 With LC70 Body


Building the LC70 body is fun and exciting. With so many parts and accessories available, you can build the Boom Racing BRX01 the way you want and truly make it your own.

There are now lots of body accessories available for the Toyota LC70 hard body, available from Killerbody (the original body maker) and different aftermarket companies. Some of the most popular accessories include the Full Interior set, the Opening Door Kit, the Working Window Kit, and the Opening Hood Kit. Below you can find a full list of body accessories to build the truck.


Is this the right truck for me?

This truck is right for you if...

  • You're looking to build a very detailed scale R/C model truck. This is one of the most detailed truck on the market today.
  • You want a highly adjustable truck with no torque twist and over 45 degree turning radius, and a very efficient drivetrain with 2-speed.
  • You own a few R/C trucks and ready to add a special one to the fleet.
  • You're ready to take on a more challenging build.
  • You're looking to get into super scale R/C trucks.
  • You're willing and ready to try something new.

Obviously, there are other reasons why you could be interested to get the BRX01. If you do get one, or deciding on getting one, I encourage you to join the Official BRX01 Facebook Fan Group and ask any questions you have in mind and see what others are doing with it.


Is it difficult to build one?

The BRX01 chassis comes in a Bolt-On kit format. This means that the major components are pre-built at the factory and you will just need to "bolt-on" these parts onto the chassis. Most of the drivetrain components are factory pre-built; including the two-speed transmission, transfer case, front & rear axles. The shocks are factory pre-built but require oil (included) and your own set up depending on how many things are added onto the truck (weight).

For the LC70 hard body, if you've had experience with building static models, you can expect a fairly similar build experience with the body. You will get to work on hard plastic body parts and accessories which include painting, gluing and installing small parts, scale nuts and bolts.


How much time does it take to build one?

The BRX01 chassis takes approximately three to five hours for an experienced builder. Building the hard body takes some planning and prep time for paint scheme. The hard body takes a bit more time to finish than a lexan body simply because there are a lot more body components that are small and intricate to handle.


List of Optional Parts & Upgrades: BRX01 Chassis





    • 1/10 4WD Radio Control Chassis Kit w/ Killerbody LC70 Hard Body Kit Set BR8002
    • CChand Side Sliders CC/D-A022
    • R3ScaleDesignz Front Inner Fenders
    • TOTAL MonoZukuri Forward ESC Mount TMZ18802
    • VM Front Inner Fender VM/D-AA16
    • VM Tube Slider VM/D-AA19
    • VM ARB Slider VM/D-AA17
    • Boom Racing Complete Universal Body Mount Set BRLC7070
    • Boom Racing Rear Quick Release Body Hinge Mount BRLC7071
    • Boom Racing Stainless Steel High Clearance Link Set (4) BRLC7075
    • Boom Racing High Articulation Panhard Mount Set BRLC7074
    • Boom Racing Full Screw Set BRLC7073
    • Boom Racing Forward ESC Mounting Plate BRLC7076
    • Boom Racing 4-Link Conversion Kit for BRX01 BRLC7079
    • TrailProven Products Performance Skid Plate for BRX01 TP/BRX001
    • Boom Racing Brass Front Brake Disc Set for BRX70/BRX90 Axles BRLC7081F
    • Boom Racing Brass Rear Brake Disc Set for BRX70/BRX90 Axles BRLC7081R





  • Boom Racing "Tool Free" Aluminum Quick Release Latch BRLC7062
  • Boom Racing Reinforced Front Body Mount BRLC7069
  • Boom Racing Front Bumper Skid Plate for LC70 Hard Body BRLC7061
  • Universal Body Post BRT10041
  • Boom Racing Rear Skid Plate for BRX01 LC70 Body BRLC7085





  • Killerbody ARB 1/10 Aluminum Bull Bar Bumper w/ LED Light Upgrade Set KB/48669
  • Boom Racing Reinforced Bumper & Body Mount for Killerbody ARB Bumper BRLC7065
  • CChand Buffalo Front Bumper + IPF LED Light CC/D-AA04
  • CChand Buffalo Front Bumper CC/D-AA03
  • CChand ARB Front Bumper + IPF LED Light CC/D-AA02
  • CChand ARB Front Bumper CC/D-AA01
  • CChand Front Bumper Shoot Light (Square) CC/D-A006
  • CChand Front Bumper Shoot Light (Round) CC/D-A007
  • CChand Bumper Antenna CC/D-A009
  • CChand Rear Bumper CC/D-AA05
  • VM Front ARB Bumper (Silver) VM/D-AA12
  • VM Front ARB Bumper + IPF Light (Silver) VM/D-AA13
  • VM ARB Bumper Slider (Silver) VM/D-AA15
  • VM Rear Solid Bumper VM/D-AA20









  • Boom Racing HD Overdrive Keyed Gear Set (27/8T) BR955029
  • Boom Racing HD Overdrive Keyed Gear Set (24/8T) BR955040
  • Boom Racing HD Underdrive Keyed Gear Set (33/8T) BR955042
  • Boom Racing BADASS HD Steel Center Drivelines
  • Boom Racing BRX90 Conversion Kit for BRX01 & BRX70 Axle BRLC7078
  • Boom Racing Full Ball Bearing Set BRX01BBZ
  • Boom Racing BRX01 Front Skid Plate for BRX70 & BRX90 PHAT Axle BRLC7086F
  • Boom Racing BRX01 Rear Skid Plate for BRX70 & BRX90 PHAT Axle BRLC7086R
  • Boom Racing XT Diff Cover for BRX70 & BRX90 Axle BRLC7088
  • Boom Racing Knuckle Arm Lever for BRX70 & BRX90 Axle BRLC7002ARM





  • Brass Front Knuckle Base Weights for BRX70/BRX90 PHAT Axle (2) BRLC7089
  • Brass Rear Knuckle Base Weights for BRX70 PHAT Axle (2) BRLC7090
  • Brass Large Weight Blocks 23g for BRX70/BRX90 PHAT Axle Knuckle Weight Base (2) BRLC7091
  • Brass Small Weight Blocks 4g for BRX70/BRX90 PHAT Axle Knuckle Weight Base (6) BRLC7092





  • Team DC 1.55" 5-Hole LC70 Aluminum Beadlock Wheel (4) DC/DC-50924
  • Killerbody High Mass 1.55 Inch 5-Spoke Beadlock Wheels For 1/10 Crawler Black KB/48694
  • Killerbody High Mass 1.68 Inch Steelie Beadlock Wheels KB/48693
  • Boom Racing Adjustable Dually Adapter for 5-Lug Beadlock Wheel BRXT5DU
  • Boom Racing 1.55 Yota LC Classic Front Beadlock Wheels (2) with 3mm Wideners  BRW780907
  • Boom Racing 1.55 Yota LC70 Stock Steelie Beadlock Wheels BRW780908
  • Boom Racing XT512 5-Lug Aluminum 12mm Wheel Hub Adapters 12mm Offset (2) BRXT512
  • Boom Racing XT508 5-Lug Aluminum 12mm Wheel Hub Adapters 8mm Offset (2) BRXT508
  • Boom Racing XT500 5-Lug Aluminum Wheel Hub Adapters 0MM Pin Offset (2) BRXT500
  • Boom Racing Scale 4WD Center Locking Hub Cover (2) Gold: BRW780921GD | Red: BRW780921R
  • Boom Racing TE37XD KRAIT™ 1.55 Deep Dish Aluminum Beadlock Wheels w/ XT601 Hubs (2) BRW780915
  • Boom Racing 1.55 Chrome Smoothie Classic Wheel (Cap Only) BRW780918
  • Boom Racing S100 Scale Center Hub Cap (2) Black BRW780923





  • Boom Racing 1.55" Baby Hustler Rock Crawler Tire w/ Single Stage Insert (2) BRTR15502
  • Killerbody 1.55" Scale Detail Rubber Tire 3.75 inch Tire: (95x35mm) KB/48692
  • Killerbody 1.68" Scale Detail Rubber Tire 3.35x1.02 inch (85x26mm) KB/48691
  • Boom Racing 1.55" MAXGRAPPLER Crawler Tire Gekko Compound 3.74"x1.18" (95x30mm) Open Cell Foams (2) BRTR15504


Tire Inserts



  • Boom Racing Rock Monster Silicone Inserts for Baby Hustler 1.55" Crawler Tires BRRM15502





  • JX Servo High Voltage Waterproof Core Metal Gear Mini Servo 4.5KG 0.08s @ 8.4V JX/PDI-HV1151MG
  • Power HD Waterproof Mini Servo Metal Gear 7.4V 2.6KG for TRX4 Crawlers Blue PH/TR-4
  • Boom Racing PYTHON™ BLACK BR-45WP HV Waterproof 45kg/0.11s @8.4v Axle Mounted Servo w/ Low Profile Horn BRT10043


List of Accessories: Toyota Land Cruiser 70 hard body



LED Light



  • Ob1-RC V3.1 Professional LED System BL-V31 OB1/BL-V31
  • Killerbody LED Light System w/ Control Box 14 LEDs (3mm: 10 LEDs; 5mm: 4 LEDs) KB/48625
  • Killerbody LED Light System w/ Control Box for Front, Rear, Interior 14 LEDs (3mm: 10 LEDs; 5mm: 4 LEDs) KB/48706
  • Killerbody Light Holder Clips for LED Lights KB/48063


Cab Accessories



  • CChand Roof Rack (+IPF Light) CC/D-A025
  • CChand Rear Window Guard CC/D-A023
  • CChand Mud Flap CC/D-A019
  • Killerbody Cockpit Interior Set KB/48615
  • Killerbody Realistic Movable Opening Hood Bonnet Upgrade Set KB/48611
  • Killerbody Movable Door & Lifter Window Upgrade Set KB/48610
  • Killerbody Wheel Arches (Front & Rear) for 4.53 - 4.72 Inch Tire KB/48715
  • Killerbody Front Wheel Arches for 3.75 Inch Tire KB/48698
  • Killerbody Front Wheel Arches (Open) for 3.75 Inch Tire KB/48695
  • Killerbody Front Wheel Arches for 4.53 - 4.72 inch Tire (Open Wide) KB/48696
  • VM Rubber Mirror VM/D-AA22
  • VM Roof Rack VM/D-AA21
  • BA Model Studio 1/10 Scale Tube Door (2) BA-LC01
  • Team Raffee Co. 1/10 Human Figure BRSCAC277


Bed Accessories



  • CChand Metal Exhaust CC/D-A020
  • CChand Mud Flap CC/D-A019
  • CChand Rear Bed + Mud Flap CC/D-AA09
  • CChand Rear Fender Flare CC/D-A010
  • CChand Rear Bed CC/D-AA06
  • Killerbody Metal Lock Catch / Latch KB/48613
  • Killerbody Wheel Arches (Front & Rear) for 4.53 - 4.72 Inch Tire KB/48715
  • Killerbody Truck Bed Awning Cloth Sandybrown for LC70 KB/48670
  • Killerbody Truck Bed Set Include 3 Movable Sides Hard Plastic KB/48667
  • Killerbody Truck Bed Roof Roll Cage Stainless Steel & ABS KB/48668
  • Killerbody Rear Fender Buffalo Stainless Steel & Silicone Rubber KB/48624
  • Killerbody Rear Fender Stainless Steel & Silicone Rubber Mud Flap KB/48623
  • VM Rear Steel Bed Cage VM/D-AA23
  • BA Model Studio 1/10 Scale Universal Pickup Gun Mount with Holder BA-LC02
  • CCHand Metal Rolling Rack + Rear Light for LC70 Body CC/D-AA26
  • CCHand Metal Rolling Rack for LC70 Body CC/D-AA25
  • CCHand Rear Bed Cage + Diamond Plate for LC70 Body CC/D-A035
  • Team Raffee Co. Flat Bed Tray w/ Two Half Canopies TRC/302722


Battery Relocation

If you run an interior, chances are you will be relocating the battery. Here are two solutions to relocate the battery.







  • CChand Metal Logo CC/D-A004X
  • Killerbody Decorative Decal for Toyota Land Cruiser KB/48705


Dually Setup



  • Boom Racing Dually Conversion Set BRLC7066
  • Boom Racing Adjustable Dually Adapter for 5-Lug Beadlock Wheel BRXT5DU


Last updated: 18 March 2021


ByJason Tsang

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